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Month: September 2016

Types of Resins For Casting

Different types of resins are regularly used for making casts. Polyester, epoxy and polyurethanes may all be resins, but their properties vary greatly. Many people just end up getting confused about which resin is suitable for a particular purpose.

A detailed look at each class of resin can help clear the uncertainty:

Polyester resin – This is a viscous liquid that is well-resistant to heat, fire and chemicals. It is flexible, cheap and comes in a variety of colors. The excellent features of polyester resin are commonly used to make any porous material rigid and weather resistant – such as fiber glass, bottles, surfboards, skis, fishing rods, laminates and so on. It enjoys great usage in fabricating various parts of ships, aircraft and so on.

While it is quite easy to use, there are numerous other issues associated with polyester resin. It needs to be reinforced with fiber glass to make it mechanically strong. It tends to shrink unpredictably, turns yellow with age, can break easily and lets off a noxious odor. In fact, the user has to use safety gloves, goggles and a respirator to protect himself from the carcinogenic fumes. Proper ventilation is required even during curing to safely air out the fumes.

Epoxy resin – This is the highest performing resin but works out the most expensive too. It has a brownish color and clearer ones tend to cost even more. Epoxy resin boasts of excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and weather resistant properties, making it a favorite in ship, boat and aircraft components. This resin has low shrinkage and strong adhesive properties. Additionally, there are no toxic odors either.

However, it may take several hours or even days to cure completely. This can still be hastened by changing the curing agent. It is used for multiple purposes – as an adhesive, sealant, paint, varnish and for casting purposes.

Polyurethane resin – This is a versatile, tough and durable material. It has good physical, chemical and electrical properties and can be effectively combined with other resins to increase its usefulness. Polyurethanes come in various viscosities, tend to cure quickly and have a low odor that does not require a respirator either. The only drawback is the moisture sensitivity – they fail to cure properly in humid conditions or in molds containing water.

Polyurethane resin is used as an adhesive, insulation, foam liner in clothing and quick casting of prototypes. Polyurethane casting resins come in opaque and water clear varieties. The former set within a few minutes itself to an ivory color while the latter take a little longer and also need to be de-aired prior to use. Polyurethane casting resins are suitable for making cold castings and expandable ones are also available in the market.

In sum, there are various casting resins and each comes with its own set of benefits and downsides. While polyester resin will cost low, it can be dangerous to use and polyurethane resin may be heavier on the pocket but trumps in versatility and tenacity.

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How Professional Framing Brings Out the Best in Your Portrait

Having portraits taken can be an expensive venture. Professional framing helps protect your family photos and brings out the best in your portraits. Whether you’ve had a formal sitting with your photographer, or have blown up a casual shot that captured a unique moment for your family, having your images matted and framed turns a simple picture into a piece of art that complements your decor.

Professional framing experts will discuss what you want to get out of your finished project. Keep in mind that they have extensive experience choosing the right mat and frame for various projects and will be able to suggest color combinations and mat choices that will enhance your portrait. Professional framing entails choosing the right sized frame and mat, colors that help draw the eye to the main focal point-the image-and a frame style that complements your portrait.

It may be tempting to choose an elaborate frame, or to select colors that match your decor. While an elegant frame may be suitable for a formal portrait, consider a variety of choices before settling on a particular style. Your professional framing artist will be able to help you choose a total package, which includes a mat and frame that work together to bring out the uniqueness of your piece.

Professional framing artists will be able to point out the advantages of particular colors and materials. For portraits, lighter colors are an excellent choice for matting. While it may be tempting to choose bold, dramatic colors, a more neutral color like cream, light gray, or beige is a better choice for the main part of the mat. If you choose a double mat for your portrait, it’s possible to add a brighter accent color. When choosing colors, remember that the purpose is to enhance the photograph. The mat and frame should come together to work with the portrait and draw the eye into the composition, rather than jumping out or distracting from the image. A pale, neutral background with a thin line of a bolder color draws the eye inward, toward the center of the portrait. Conversely, if your portrait has a very dark background, a darker outer mat might be possible, with a light inner accent color to draw the eyes inward, toward the picture.

Look at your portrait and consider what is it that you love about the photo. Is it the way your son’s shirt brings out the blue in his eyes? The way the light highlights your daughter’s hair color? What draws your eye most? Consider the colors. A common mistake is to match the most prominent color in the portrait with the accent color. Instead, consider picking up a secondary color for the accent. Doing so will bring depth to the portrait without distracting from the composition. Professional framing rounds out the job by adding the final border of wood, plastic, or metal. The frame holds the portrait and mat together and brings the entire piece together. When you’ve spent the time and money on having a beautiful portrait taken, professional framing adds the finishing touch.

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Tips And Tricks For Making The Most Out Of Your Rented Marquees

Marquees are one of the best fixtures you can have for a wedding or any kind of party you want to hold outdoors. They will give you and your guests adequate shade from the sun. If the weather is rainy and windy during the event, marquees can give you the protection and shelter you and all the attendees need as well. And if you correctly choose the marquees you will use for an important event, aside from being functional, they can add to the décor and the aesthetics of the venue, too.

There are certain tips and tricks you can follow though to further make use of the marquee you have rented for a specific event. By following these tips, you can fully incorporate the marquee in the event and make it more appealing. These tips and tricks include the following:

Consider the weather at the time of the event regarding the arrangement of the furniture and fixtures inside the marquee.

If you are holding the event during summer, most guests would probably spend more time outside the marquee. As such, the marquee would only be used for lunch or dinner or when it rains. Hence, don’t cram too many chairs and tables inside it. You can also consider setting up an outdoor bar area and the dance floor next to the marquee.

If you will be staging the event in the winter, everyone will certainly spend more time inside the marquee. You, therefore, have to put more thought into the layout of the marquee. You can consider having screens erected inside the marquee to create a detached section for welcome drinks. This area can also be used as a quiet area once the dancing is in full swing.

Invest in the right lighting features or accessories.

Aside from renting the marquee, you can also hire the right accompanying lighting features as well. Rent some fairy lights if you want to project a more romantic mood inside the marquee. For contemporary weddings or events, choose spherical paper lanterns in various colours and sizes to create a fun, modern effect. Large sparkling chandeliers hanging from the roof of the marquee are perfect for vintage-themed weddings.

Don’t forget to rent portable flooring for the marquee as well.

Natural turf would definitely be great to walk on during outdoor events. However, the turf may be too muddy or dusty and to ensure that the footwear of your guests are protected while they are inside the marquee, have the right portable flooring installed inside the structure. Portable flooring materials can also ensure the safety of your guests since there will be a lesser chance for them to slip on wet grass.

Enhance the exterior of the marquee.

Place flowering plants outside the walls and entrance of marquee. You won’t also go wrong with placing framed paintings or photos on easels, relevant to the event, outside the marquee as well.

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How to Become a Model – 4 Versatile Tips

When you are first starting out, you will face a very intense competition. It is about how to keep up with others, how to keep up the pace, and most importantly and I cannot stress this enough, is how you have to be different from others, in a good way. If you are outstanding and unique, chances are, you are more likely to be chosen for projects. So the following are some pointers as to how you can become a model, hopefully a versatile one.

1) Keeping fit and staying in good shape

You cannot always eat what you want to eat; you need to ponder about your diet to make sure you stay in shape. A few pounds heavier could shun off potential projects and that is the last thing you want. Modeling agencies and their clients look for models who are fit and in shape, so that they will be suitable to appeal to the big crowd. Moreover, keeping fit and maintaining a good shape will increase your versatility in landing projects. You could be on a fashion runway, sporting commercial and even projects which involve promoting healthy lifestyle; this is why it is so important to stay fit.

2) Be cool about facing ups and downs

The modeling path is always not going to be a smooth-sailing; you will face all sorts of people, events and scenarios. Harsh criticism, rejections and disapprovals will be inevitable, but in reality, you just have to swallow it down and continue improving. Be tough, stay strong and listen to feedback to improve or survive in this industry. Once you have experienced all sorts of drama, nothing will scare you anymore, and that is how you increase your versatility because you are willing to listen to advice/comments and accomplish the task required.

3) Enrich your life and broaden your horizon

To become a model and especially a unique art piece, you need to experience and learn different things that can distinguish yourself from the rest. If you are into sports and exercising, try out different sports, go for the extreme and even the common ones, learn them, know the basics, and know how the game is played. If you are into fashion, learn about the different brands, or learn about the various types of design and the latest trend. The possibilities are limitless and sky-high, so go for it, expose yourself to different platforms, allow your inner soul to be immersed and share the experiences. Trust me, you will not regret.

4) Maintain your appearance

Your hair, your skin and your teeth, etc are some of the most important physical appearances for you to appeal to the clients and the general public. Imagine a model with unkempt and poor hair condition, small breakouts and blemishes on her face and untidy teeth with plaque. How can he or she score projects with such untidy shape? So maintain your appearance, keep your face flawless, tidy up your hair and practice good oral hygiene, because that is how you appeal and stand out.

Just to sum up, of course I am not saying that these pointers will guarantee you to become a model or even a mainstream one, but it is better than nothing right? At least I hope that you have gain some insights about how to become a model from this article and also the fact that modeling is not as easy as you think. Bear in mind, be bold, be unique and be special.

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